Metal Inspection

Surfaces of metals require reliable testing, since steel pipes or products in medical technology can be functionally impaired by defects. Due to the strong structure usually present on metallic surfaces, specially designed robust methods, e.g. measuring procedures, are necessary. Our inspection systems are designed for fully automatic 100% inspection in industrial environments.

For example, cannulas made of stainless steel have the highest precision requirements for the tip and the jacket surface. An inspection system for cannulas must first be able to separate the needles, perform a complete inspection and reliably sort out missing parts. Good parts are placed in the appropriate packaging units. Typical throughput rates of 0.1 to 0.2 seconds per needle can be handled.

• Inner- and outer tube inspection
• Grooves, bumps, topography

• Power Electronics, battery systems, accumulators
• Electrical and non-electrical defects

• substrate testing of various materials
• print and coating quality