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Metall - Laserschweißnähte
Metall - Laserschweißnähte

SPICA WELDING – Thermography system for the inspection of Al-Al and Al-Cu laser welding seams

Raise the efficiency of your production

With the SPICA WELDING system Intego offers a highly sensitive thermography system that can inspect Al-Al and Al-Cu laser welding seams. It is based on the SPICA IR camera developed by Intego especially for such inspection and measurement tasks and allows a fast and non-destructive observation and localization of weld defects. The measurement technology and automation can be individually adapted to the different requirements of the production process. The system enables the direct measurement of the weld joint surface. Weld defects within the seam can be detected and localized. Thus, this solution not only offers a pure quality inspection, but also forms the basis for a continuous improvement of the welding process.

Technical solution

  • Heating of the weld seam to be inspected by laser, flash or halogen lamps
  • Spatially and time-resolved recording of the infrared radiation emitted from the weld seam surface by the SPICA IR camera
  • Differentiation of faultless and faulty elements within the weld by their different thermal behavior and the resulting different temperature development on the weld surface
  • Evaluation of the recorded signals by an analysis unit to measure the connection area and visualize errors
  • Detectable faults: connection faults, cracks, blowholes and pores


  • Intego SPICA 640 HS, Intego SPICA 1280 HS or uncooled IR bolometer camera
  • Wavelength: 3 µm - 5 µm or 7 µm - 14 µm
  • Many different sources of excitation:
    • Optical: flash lamps, halogen lamps, laser
    • Others: Electric, Induction, Hot air, Ultrasound
  • Measuring times: mostly 0.5 - 5 s
  • Lock-in and pulse-phase thermography

Further options

If you require an individual solution, Intego offers free-of-charge feasibility studies based on sample parts. The prepared study will include a system design with draft specifications and a price estimate. Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Your contact for laser welding seam inspection

Dr. Dieter Karg

Dr. Dieter Karg
+49 9131 61082-250