Diced Wafer Inspection

Raise the efficiency of your production

A reliable inspection of diced wafers is the basic prerequisite for further chip processing. Thus, Intego has developed special methods for a reliable microcrack detection and inspection of the dicing streets. For example, foil waviness and height differences of the chips on the FFC have no noticeable impact on the inspection process. Significantly improved detection performance and reduced inspection times can be achieved with this pioneering technology.

Intego's innovative crack detection for diced wafers, which is based on an interferometric principle, has shown to be particularly powerful and reliable. Smallest microcracks in dies, which would otherwise remain hidden, can now be optically detected with unprecedented sensitivity. Another special feature are the customized chuck designs and FFC handling concepts. On request, the system can be equipped with an automated end effector changer, which allows the system to be used for different frame sizes at the same time.

Dicing street inspection

  • measurement of kerf width and position of diced wafers on FFC
  • detection of chippings and microcracks, also through carrier tape
  • special inspection techniques for improved image acquisition in case of uneven chip height distribution on the carrier foil
  • special handling solutions for simultaneous inspection of wafers on different frame sizes

Die inspection on carrier tapes (FFC)

  • 2D metrology including die size, position and rotation
  • pioneering microcrack detection on die level of diode, power device, LED and MEMS wafers
  • multiple illumination configurations incl. PL, DIC and IR for surface and probe mark inspection
  • chips inspected individually or in clusters at wafer level
  • the ability to inspect, segment and evaluate a huge amount of dice, even for distorted foils

Some general performance data


inspection and metrology at wafer and die level
die and dicing street inspection on film frame carrier (FFC)


image acquisition optimized for multi-level inspection of diced wafers on foil
inspection options with bright- and darkfield, transmitted light, photoluminescence, interferometry, thermography, DIC etc.
illumination configuration options from UV to IR
high resolution tool configurations up to 0.1 µm/px available


customized EFEM by Intego or other standard suppliers for framed wafers
open cassette, FOSB, FOUP and/or SMIF based handling, also mixed loading possible
custom-tailored vacuum handling and chuck design


advanced image processing and algorithms based on state-of-the-art PC cluster solutions
automatic inspection based on user-friendly CAD or die-to-die comparison
proprietary automatic defect detection and classification algorithms (online/offline)
special pattern recognition and deep learning solutions available
advanced wafer defect analysis, review and binning ability
customizable GUI, result visualization, KLARF reporting and SQL data bank solutions
SEMI software interface including SECS/GEM

Further options

If you require an individual solution, Intego offers free-of-charge feasibility studies based on sample parts. The prepared study will include a system design with draft specifications and a price estimate. Do not hesitate to contact us directly.