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Kompetenzen - Voruntersuchungen
Kompetenzen - Voruntersuchungen

Feasibility Studies

Investigating your sample parts

Intego offers preliminary studies free-of-charge to determine the feasibility of an automated inspection of your parts. In addition, a technical draft of the system, the possible integration into the production line and budgetary price estimates are provided. All preliminary studies are based on sample parts that the customer sends to us after a first discussion. Accordingly, we will determine defect types and specifications of a potential vision system.


In order to make a quick first evaluation easier, please include the following information when contacing us.

  • What kind of samples do you want to inspect? (material, size, weight, cost, different models)
  • How many parts do you want to inspect? (parts per year, cycle time, percentage of tested parts)
  • What kind of defects are you looking for? (sample images)
  • How is the inspection carried out in current production? (number of operators, operating procedures, shift work, clean room environment, what are the limits)
  • Specification sheet (if available)

Next steps

After examination of these aspects, we will contact you to discuss open issues. All results will remain confidential. If necessary, we can provide a non-disclosure-agreement (NDA).

If you require an individual solution, do not hesitate to contact us directly.