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Kompetenzen - Maschinenbau
Kompetenzen - Maschinenbau

Machine Construction and Automation

Raise the efficiency of your production

Intego's experience in automation is a key factor for building effective tools. Design and construction are done in-house to guarantee smooth development, especially in the view of the demanding requirements of imaging components.

Our capabilities to serve your needs

  • Conveyor-belt handling: Many vision systems are equipped with a cost-efficient conveyor belt system.
  • XYZ stage positioning: For exact handling and positioning within the inspection system, accurate xyz-stages are used for vibration-free positioning at (sub‑)micrometer precision.
  • Robotic handling: Whenever expensive or heavy products are transported, robotic handling offers a secure alternative to manual transfer into and within the vision system.
  • Picker arm / vacuum gripper: Careful and accurate handling of fragile objects.
  • Cassettes / magazines: Intego vision systems can manage multiple parts in a row and sort them into cassettes according to predefined quality thresholds (useful for e.g. solar cells/crystalline wafers).
  • Shuttle systems: rail-based conveyor systems with part-specific product carriers.
  • Cleaning: Pressurized air cleaning for dust removal.
  • Labeling: Ink or laser marking for part identification.

Further option

Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Your contact for machine construction and automation

Andreas Eckl

Andreas Eckl
+49 9131 61082-220