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K&G - Sapphire Bricks
K&G - Sapphire Bricks

Brick Inspection

Raise the efficiency of your production

Our SIRIUS brick vision systems take advantage of the well-defined surface of bricks to perform 3D measurements and high-end inspections for inclusions and crystal grains. A laser marking system is an effective completion of the tested bricks.

Exact analysis of the positions of errors within the brick enables optimized cutting of wafers for coverglass or semiconductor production.

Performance data

  • Inclusions: With a resolution of better than 5 μm, it is possible to find the smallest inclusions, e.g. bubbles, within the brick. The concentration of the defects can be visualized in a 3D model.
  • Crystal grain boundaries: Detection and qualification of grain defects on an absolute scale increases the performance of the finished product.
  • 3D geometry: Precise measurement of the 3D dimensions of the brick for process optimization avoids costs in the later production steps.
  • Laser marking: Individual identifiers and markings of defect regions on the bricks make sure that there is no mix-up of tested bricks.

Further options

If you require an individual solution, Intego offers free-of-charge feasibility studies based on sample parts. The prepared study will include a system design with draft specifications and a price estimate. Do not hesitate to contact us directly.