Cermaics and Glass Inspection

Sapphire is a fast-growing industry with various applications ranging from highly scratch resistant covers (watches, smartphones, tablet PCs, cameras, windows), to GaN based semiconductor components (blue, green and white LEDs, blue lasers). SIRIUS sapphire inspection systems provide high quality feedback for your production and process optimization and increase yield and reproducibility.

Intego offers SIRIUS inspection systems for quality control in various parts of the production chain:

• Detection of inclusions and grain defects
• Geometry measurement and laser marking

• Detection of inclusions and grain defects
• C-axis determination and optimised coring

• Detection of inclusions and grain defects
• 3D geometry measurement, and inclusions

• Detection of cracks, particles, holes, scratches and chipping
• Geometry measurement, discoloration, flatness and sinter residue

  • scratches, particles and crystal defects
  • inclusions, bubbles and streaks